man pointing a pistol outside

Train Like You Mean It

Although you shouldn’t depend on target ammunition for protection, the training loads you choose could indirectly mean the difference between life and death in a self-defense situation. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Pat Kelley explains why and provides guidance on choosing the right training round.

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Pistol being loaded

Fast Recovery

Whether you’re carrying a wheelgun or semi-auto, a rapid reload can be a critical component to any self-defense situation. These drills will ensure you’re ready.

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Patrick Kelley holding G2 and Carry Gun Packages

Size Up Your Ammo Selection

One important consideration shooters sometimes miss when selecting defensive ammo is the size of pistol they intend to use. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Patrick Kelley runs through the best options whether you carry a super-subcompact or rely on a full-size platform for home defense.

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Person pointing a handgun outside

Get Out Of A Jam

Whether you’re in a fight for your life or racing against the clock, you need to act when you press the trigger on your magazine-fed handgun and it doesn’t go bang. Be ready to clear any jam with these simple drills.

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The First Four Steps

New to shooting? You’re certainly not alone. We explain four fundamentals you’ll need to master to start your journey.

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