sheet of glass shot with a block of gel behind it

How FBI Protocol Testing Changed Ammunition

In the aftermath of a deadly shootout in Miami in 1986, the FBI established a new set of guidelines for bullet performance that continue to impact modern defensive bullet design.

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bullet being loading into a case using an RCBS reloader

Why You Should Start Reloading

Handloading lets you tailor rounds to your firearm and keep ammunition in your grasp during market swings, but that’s just the beginning.

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shooter looking down the scope of a rifle

Breaking Bad Habits

From concealed carry to competition and hunting, the small mistakes we make can reduce accuracy and limit performance. Here’s how to diagnose those issues.

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Gold Dot 30 Super Carry Upset

Bonding Benefits

Bonding greatly reduces the odds of jacket and core separation, but what is bonding and why is it important to hunters and defenders?

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