man writing down data on a notecard

The Write Stuff

Keeping a detailed shooter's journal and planning each shooting session is one of the best ways to reach your full potential.

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Patrick Kelley aiming a pistol while outside

Prepare To Protect

Proficiency is only the first step to being able to use a firearm to effectively defend. Next, you need preparation and planning. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelly explains how to use visualization to anticipate and be ready for any situation.

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man pointing a rifle

Long Gun Home Defense

The AR-15 platform was born to protect—not to mention hunt, compete, plink and more. But consider this advice before you call on yours to defend your home and family.

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Patrick Kelley aiming a pistol while outside

Shooting One-Handed

When shooting a handgun, nothing beats a rock-solid grip with both hands. But sometimes real-world defense, competition or other situations don’t allow that. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley reveals how to get the most stability, consistency and accuracy while shooting one-handed.

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man pointing a pistol

Real-World Defensive Stances

In a gunfight, there is no one-size-fits-all stance. You need to stay fluid and quick on your feet, and that means going beyond the standard isosceles.

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