Box of Gold Dot 30 Super Carry on a table

A New Way To Carry

With the same trusted power as 9mm Luger, yet more magazine capacity, the new 30 Super Carry cartridge is changing the way we defend.

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rifle bore pointed at a target

How To Understand Bore Offset

Where an optic looks and where the attached firearm’s bore is pointing are two different things. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley explains bore offset and how you need to account for it when you shoot at close range.

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Patrick Kelley looking down the sights of a handgun

Dealing With An Optic Failure

If a mechanical failure, dead batteries or other problem takes your red dot optic out of the game, you need to be prepared. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley demonstrates why practicing for this contingency is so important.

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looking down the barrel of a handgun

What Happens When You Shoot With No Sights?

Physically and mentally, a lot goes into shooting a handgun without sights. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Patrick Kelley explains the phenomenon and what you can learn from it.

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