Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection box and cartridges on a table in front of a handgun

The 5.7x28mm Comes Of Age

It shoots soft, fast and is anything but ordinary. Learn all about the 5.7x28mm and discover how Speer has broken new ground for the up-and-coming cartridge.

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handgun with a red dot laying on a table

How To Install A Red Dot Optic

Get started on the right foot with your red dot optic by following these installation tips and tricks from Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley.

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a dead coyote laying in leaves

Dog Catchers

Whether you’re managing predator populations or selling hides, loading the right coyote bullet is critical. We reveal the features to look for and specific models that get the job done.

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Patrick Kelley looking down the scope of a carbine

How To Master Gun Mount

The way you bring a firearm into position goes a long way toward deciding how fast and accurate you’ll shoot. Professional shooter and Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley reverse-engineers two common start positions for better precision.

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