Gold Dot ammo boxes laying on a table with a couple of rifles

Why You Should Use An Anchor Point On Your AR

Shooting well requires consistent body mechanics. Professional shooter and Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley explains an easy way to ensure you place your non-dominant hand in the exact same spot for every shot.

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shooter aiming handgun

Choosing A Pistol Sight

Selecting the right sight system is one of the final components of an effective handgun platform. Let Speer ambassador Jim Gilliland guide your decision.

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Patrick Kelley pointing at writing on a cardboard target

The Speed-Accuracy Balancing Act

Shooting most effectively in the real world—whether for competition or defense—isn’t all about accuracy, nor is it just about speed. Speer ambassador and longtime competitive shooter Patrick Kelley crunches the numbers to illustrate the need to balance both of these factors.

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shooter looking down the iron sights of a pistol

How To Deal With Cross-Dominance

A sizable portion of shooters are cross-dominant. Here’s how they can improve their game—without taping up their glasses.

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Patrick Kelley looking down the scope of a rifle with the sling over his shoulder

Get More From Your Rifle Sling

A rifle sling is an underappreciated tool. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley breaks down the most common sling styles and shares tricks that will make you shoot better with them.

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rifle being cleaned while on a stand

5 Rifle Maintenance Musts

Keep your favorite hunting rifles ready for any adventure, extend their longevity and boost their performance with these five easy steps.

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