Loaded Bullets

Surviving 2021

Times are uncertain. A former Marine and veteran police officer explains how to use training, awareness and tactical thinking to make it through 2021 and beyond.

How To Do It
Loaded Bullets

Gear Saves Lives

Having the right ammunition and firearm is only half the battle.

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Loaded Bullets

Load Your Own

Making your own ammo is fun, rewarding and will keep some green in your pocket.

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Lady pointing a handgun in an indoor range

Take A Stand

A self-defense expert shares his seven-step process to survive a dangerous encounter.

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Person pointing a handgun in an indoor range

Being A Gunfighter When You Need To Be

Using a gun properly in an unexpected and extremely stressful situation takes lots of practice—and the right mindset. Make sure you’re prepared with advice from a self-defense expert.

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