Patrick Kelley drawing a pistol from his belt

Drawing From Concealment

If the ultimate purpose in training is to protect yourself, then you’d better know how to draw from a concealed holster. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Patrick Kelley breaks down the process for effective results.

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shooter aiming a pistol

Make Your Move

Learning to move and shoot simultaneously is critical to surviving a deadly encounter. These drills will get you there.

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Patrick Kelley aiming a pistol while outside

Breaking Down The Draw

Drawing a handgun from a holster seems simple, but doing it right requires stringing together several different motions. To build the most efficient draw, Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley starts at the target and works backward.

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Speer G2 being loaded into a magazine

Planning For The Worst

Tactics usually get all of the attention, but planning and preparation are what really save lives in home defense situations.

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Patrick Kelley aiming a pistol while outside

Transition Work

With enough practice, placing accurate shots starts to become second nature—until you throw in multiple targets. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley reveals how to use your eyes to lead your gun for faster, more precise target transitions.

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