Patrick Kelley holding a 30 Super Carry cartridge

Super Carry: When Smaller Is Bigger

Now loaded in Speer Gold Dot ammunition, the new 30 Super Carry cartridge is tangible proof that smaller size can sometimes mean a bigger impact. Professional shooter and Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley crunches the numbers to show where 30 Super Carry holds an edge over other cartridges.

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Speer Impact ammo packaing stacked on a table

How To Select The Right Big Game Bullet

Think cartridge selection is the most important element to hunting success? Think again. Bullet construction is the real deciding factor for performance in the field.

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22 caliber TNT bullets in a hand

How To Choose A Varmint Bullet

Whether you target predators or prairie dogs and smaller varmints, you’ll get the performance and precision you need with these projectile picks.

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9mm Speer bullet being loaded into a magazine

How To Avoid Bullet Setback

Repeated chambering of the same carry round can have unpleasant consequences. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Patrick Kelley discusses how problems can arise and explains the easy way to avoid them.

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Patrick Kelley aiming pistol drawn from his pocket

Pocket Carry Pointers

Different shooters carry different ways. If you plan to ever pocket carry, it’s important to know how do it right. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley explains the concepts and steps you need to pull it off effectively.

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