Patrick Kelley aiming a pistol

Shoot Better Without Shooting At All

Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley says the best shooters dry fire their handgun five to 10 times for every live round they send downrange. There’s a reason for this. He runs through the practice of dry fire and explains how to get the most from it.

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Jim Gilliland looking through a rifle scope while in a prone position

Mastering the Rifle Shot

Former sniper Jim Gilliland shares his checklist to rifle shooting mastery.

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man loading magazine into handgun

How Often Should I Shoot?

Two experts address a great question that new and even established shooters are tempted to ask.

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Patrick Kelley holding a pistol

Don’t Let Recoil Beat You Down

Firing a single accurate round with a handgun doesn’t require much recoil control. Firing back-to-back shots in fast succession is another matter. Speer ambassador and professional shooter Patrick Kelley explains the mechanics of kick and how to manage it to shoot faster and more accurately.

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