Gold Dot 30 Super Carry Upset

Bonding Benefits

Bonding greatly reduces the odds of jacket and core separation, but what is bonding and why is it important to hunters and defenders?

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shooter looking down a red dot on a pistol

Improving Split Times

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a new shooter, you can take simple steps to reduce split times for faster follow-up shots.

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shooter looking down the scope of a rifle

Motion Management

Don’t let your firearm push you around. Speer ambassador Patrick Kelley explains the best ways to keep recoil and wobble in check.

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handgun, G2 packaing, and G2 cartridges in a magazine

Rediscover The 9mm Luger

Think you know everything about the cartridge that's defined handgun performance for generations of shooters? Think again. Learn more about how 9mm Luger came to be and why it still rules.

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