Handgun being loaded with ammo

The First Four Steps

New to shooting? You’re certainly not alone. We explain four fundamentals you’ll need to master to start your journey.

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lawmen bullets pulled out of a box

Metal Heads

Great for training and targets, rounds loaded with full metal jacket and Total Metal Jacket bullets are the bread and butter of shooting sports. But they’re not for everything. We explain where this ammunition should—and should not—be put to use.

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bullet penetration in ballistics gel being measured

The Great Cartridge Debate

Many of our most popular handgun cartridges came out as long as a century ago—and people have been arguing about them ever since. But bullet construction advancements have rendered most of the debate meaningless.

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josh froelich shooting a handgun outside

Speed Zones

When you find yourself in a life-or-death situation, speed matters.

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Loaded Bullets

Concealed Revealed

There’s never been more interest in owning a handgun and carrying it concealed. We remove the roadblocks to help newcomers get started right.

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