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Handun with loaded magazine at range

It’s never been so clear that the world can be a downright a scary place. Bad things happen. When they do, those who are prepared are those who live to tell about it. This sentence isn’t meant to scare, but rather to inspire. If the desire to not be victim—to protect yourself and those around you—is driving you to getting a concealed carry permit, here’s how to take the leap.

The Right Firearm

Finding the right firearm can be an anxiety-filled task. Don’t let it be. Do your research. Jump on the web and see what types of handguns are being praised by the concealed carry community. Then, go to a trusted retailer, ask questions, get a feel for different firearms, and if possible, shoot a few. There are many facilities that let you rent guns and fire them on their range.

It’s likely your choice will come down to a compact semi-auto or a double-action revolver. You can’t go wrong with either. The advantage of a double-action revolver is the trigger cocks and fires the weapon. There is no slide. Revolvers tend to be durable and require little maintenance, however, trigger pull can be heavy. Another advantage of the revolver is there is zero chance of jamming. The advantage of a slim semi-auto is often comfort, ease of use, additional ammo in the magazine, and overall fit and feel.

When it comes to caliber, don’t go too heavy. You want low recoil a handgun that doesn’t abuse you and is fun to shoot. A low-recoil handgun helps you stay on target. A compact 9mm loaded with Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun hits with a wallop. Revolver users should look to the 38 Special and fill it with Gold Dot Short Barrel.

Find A Class

One of the quickest and best ways to break into the world of concealed carry is simply taking a class. Here’s an easy way to start the process. Punch into your browser and click the “Find A Class Near Me” tab. Simple. The United States Concealed Carry Association is a top-level source for all things concealed carry. Read deep on the site. Not only can you find a class near you, but you can also become a member. Members get immediate access to around-the-clock service. You can get info via chat, email, phone and through social media about specific classes, training course and the list goes on.

Want to try a different approach? Go social. Type the “concealed carry” into the search bar of your preferred social platform and see what comes up. Another route is to simply make a post that details your search for a concealed carry class in your area. You’ll be shocked how quickly the community responds to your needs.

The Right Training

Getting comfortable with your firearm is a must to becoming a responsible gun owner. You don’t want to be intimidated by the firearm and you want to be able to use it effectively at a moment’s notice.

Learning handgun operation, safety and shooting techniques can’t be overlooked. When purchasing your firearm, ask about training programs. Many shops have such programs and for a small fee, will get you going. Again, social media is another tool. Just be sure to screen your responses. Your trainer should be certified and have references available for you to contact.

The options, really, are limitless. Just remember, a violent crime happens every 28 seconds in America. Don’t wait any longer. Don’t put it off. Become one of the more than 13 million Americans who have made the choice to carry concealed.

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