22WMR cartridges

When Small Is Powerful

Rimfire and self-defense are generally not said in the same breath. But Speer Gold Dot 22 WMR defies the notion that the two are mutually exclusive.

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Man pulling pistol from holster hidden on his side

Carry Positions

Which concealed-carry position is right for you? This former U.S. Marine and law enforcement veteran provides the guidance you need.

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Lady standing in a parking ramp grabbing a pistol out of her purse

Critical Distance

Live life in the “yellow” to keep threats at a distance and manage both space and time in a self-defense situation.

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Man holding pistol with both hands at in indoor range

Grab Life With Both Hands

Self-defense situations happen fast and never in the way you envisioned. Be ready to fight with either hand and up your odds of walking away alive.

How To Do It
Target with bullet holes

Learning From Misses

If you shoot, you’re going to miss. But don’t accept it. Diagnose the problem and remedy it.

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