Boat-Tail Rifle Bullet .308 180 Grain

Boat-Tail Rifle Bullet .308 180 Grain

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  • Grain Weight: 180
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Product Overview

Extend your range on medium game with Speer® Boat-Tail bullets. Designed for the long-range shooter, these bullets’ tapered heel flattens trajectories and decreases wind drift. On impact, they expand rapidly for quick, clean kills.

  • Designed for long-range shooting
  • Boat-tail design and tapered heel
  • High ballistic coefficient and a flat trajectory
  • Rapid expansion ideal for white-tailed deer and antelope


Caliber .308
Grain Weight 180
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point Boat-tail
Ballistic Coefficient .540
Bullet Length In 1.260in. / 32.00mm
Sectional Density 0.271
Diameter In 0.31
Diameter Mm 7.82
Package Quantity 100
Usage Hunting


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John O.
John O.
The perfect long range Deer bullet for .308 / 30-06 / 300 WINMAG
This is a half-mile, open-ground Deer killer, no doubt. One of the most accurate bullets I ever tested in hand-loaded ammunition while assigned to Delta Force. I loaded fully prepped, M118 Lake City cases with 48.4 grains of Winchester 760 ball powder (start lower first), Federal 210 Match primers, and this bullet for a M118-173 grain " National Match, "White Box" trajectory duplication load, elevation from 100 meter zero was +26.5 MOA at 60 degrees F / 800 meters / 880 yards. Easy one-half MOA groups with this bullet for any competent reloader / marksman. Do not clean your barrel more often than every 200 rounds when using this bullet, unless you have been in heavy rain. Using a brass bore brush will worsen the accuracy of your barrel much more than the small deposits left in the bore, just use Sweets and patches in repetition until the patches shows no color, then push a dry patch through and leave it alone. I am not just saying this, I did this with every sniper weapon I ever used in Delta Force, be it a .308, 300 WINMAG, or a Barrett. Remember to tape your scope caps down with black electrical tape or they will shift and change the impact of your bullet, just push them on and tape them down. 1SG(R) John Osborn, US Army Delta Force (OTC-18) Sniper Team Leader / Unit Sniper SME-Master Sniper.
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