Boat-Tail Rifle Bullet .277 150 Grain

Boat-Tail Rifle Bullet .277 150 Grain

Part # 1604
  • Grain Weight: 150
5.0 (1)

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Product Overview

Extend your range on medium game with Speer® Boat-Tail bullets. Designed for the long-range shooter, these bullets’ tapered heel flattens trajectories and decreases wind drift. On impact, they expand rapidly for quick, clean kills.

  • Designed for long-range shooting
  • Boat-tail design and tapered heel
  • High ballistic coefficient and a flat trajectory
  • Rapid expansion ideal for white-tailed deer and antelope


Caliber .277
Grain Weight 150
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point Boat-tail
Ballistic Coefficient .496
Bullet Length In 1.175in. / 29.85mm
Sectional Density 0.279
Diameter In 0.28
Diameter Mm 7.04
Package Quantity 100
Usage Hunting


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John O.
John O.
Accurate and deadly, long-range Deer bullet
I will readily recommend this bullet to anyone intending to hunt deer over fields, clear-cuts, and powerlines, but would limit shots to 500 yards. This bullet loaded at 3000 fps, will kill deer effectively at 1000 yards but this requires a fair amount of practice as reading wind becomes the primary factor. I use a high-pressure load of R-22 powder with this bullet and it consistently groups, one-half MOA, in a 26 inch, 10 twist, XX Douglas barrel. Every powder charge is weighed by hand on a digital scale, the cases are fully prepped, and the loaded rounds are all measured to ensure uniform length. 1SG(R) John Osborn, US Army Delta Force (OTC-18) Sniper Team Leader / Unit Sniper SME / Master Sniper.
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